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The brand

Guy Cotten has specialised in personal protective equipment (PPE) for more than 54 years. We design clothing for all those whose jobs require real protection.

We use high frequency welding to ensure the seams of our protective clothing are waterproof in bad weather. This technique is the most efficient and reliable solution. From the design of the product to the manufacturing tooling, everything is made in our factories.

Simplicity and toughness are the qualities required by our customers for their protective clothing. We attach great importance to this! 

Built on Breton granite, Guy Cotten has a sound identity and know-how!

In 1964, the conquering of the Seas started on the docks of fishing harbours. This was the period of heavy, uncomfortable, easily damaged oilskins, made of coated cotton. This was when Guy Cotten launched their “yellow oilskin” made of coated “nylon”, which was much stronger and really much lighter! In less than four years all the Breton fishing harbours chose to use Guy Cotten oilskins.

Today, the company is the world leader in this market.

It is, no doubt, one of the most innovative companies in marine-related circles, and one that has done its utmost to improve the comfort and safety for people working in tough conditions; the key word for Guy Cotten!