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Flotation waistcoat NEPTUNE

$250.00 AUD
  • Registered design.
  • Integrated PFD certified CE, EN 393. 50 N.
  • The Neptune is compliant with current regulations in France concerning the obligatory wearing of a PFD at work (decree No. 2007-1227) and is approved for all professional activities.
  • Its real buoyancy is much higher than the requirements of the EN 393 standard which is 50N. 66 to 83  newtons depending on size.

The flotation waistcoat NEPTUNE has 4 other important strengths in regards to safety:

  1. Crutch strap keeping the jacket at your waist.
  2. Handle on the back for lifting a man from the sea.
  3. Reflective strips on the back and shoulders.
  4. It does not restrict movement and can be worn permanently.

A buoyancy aid that keeps you safe at all times!


Composition: Closed-cell PVC foam guaranteeing good buoyancy that lasts.

Fabric description: Polyamide fabric (click here for more details)

Available sizes: XS   S   M   L   XL   XXL 

Available colour: Orange/Navy


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